Nominated for 2 Oscars:

-Best Visual Effects
-Best Sound Editing

Another movie based on true events. It doesn’t have superb acting and it doesn’t have a plot that is anything special but for the two categories that it was nominated for I’d say it’s definitely spot on.

Honestly the first 45-50 minutes or so it’s pretty much all buildup. You see the tension between the rig workers and the BP higher ups that just care about the $$$. These are the kind of movies that really make me hate the oil business. Now I know the facts weren’t all shared and the executives are purposely made to look at fault because it’s Hollywood but hey it is what it is.

Gina Rodriguez (best known as the main character in the TV show “Jane the Virgin”) plays the most helpless character. She gets yelled at and physically pushed when initially trying to call a mayday and then later when initially trying to cut the pump that probably could’ve saved time and possibly lives. Not sure if the movie was trying to show blatant sexism on that rig but it sure seemed that way.

The visual effects for the pressure buildup and explosion are a sight to behold. For someone that didn’t really know much about the events that happened 10 years ago it was pretty eye opening. And the fact that the ramifications and consequences of that spill are still ongoing today is baffling. The movie does a good job of showing what the workers on that rig had to go through on the day but it really makes you wonder what could’ve been done to prevent it and if anything has been done since.

Verdict: 6.2/10