When I found out this was one of Joe Kim’s favorite movies I figured I should give it a watch.

First off – what a cast. Like yikes star studded all-around. Obviously Ryan Gosling who plays the unnamed main character but – Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks, Bryan Cranson AND Oscar Isaac. WOW.

The fact that it ended up being a neo-noir film immediately piques my interest since one of my favorite movies is in that same style. The use of the lighting in specific scenes and the placement of the music in certain scenes where you wouldn’t think it would belong were just perfect.

One scene where Ryan Gosling’s white jacket is finally dirtied with drops of blood was some huge symbolism. Up to that point in the film you can tell that he’s just trying to be a nice guy. Not trying to cause any problems but at the same time giving into some darker urges (i.e. courting his neighbor and moonlighting as a getaway driver). But at that point he finally reveals what he’s truly capable of.

I didn’t really think much of Carey Mulligan before this movie but I thought she played a pretty good girl next door and you could tell how conflicted she was in whether she wanted to reciprocate her feelings throughout.

Foul Language. Some pretty intense, bloody scenes. And a pretty straightforward plot besides the fact we know nothing about the driver’s past and in the end we know nothing about the driver’s future.

Verdict: 8.3/10