Nominated for 8 Oscars:

-Best Picture
-Best Director – Denis Villeneuve
-Best Adapted Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Film Editing
-Best Sound Editing
-Best Production Design
-Best Sound Mixing

I’m actually still trying to process this movie as I write this out. Looking at all the various categories it’s been nominated for an Oscar – I have no complaints. Which leads to the big question: Was Amy Adams snubbed? At least for the two movies I have seen with a nominee (Emma Stone and Meryl Streep) I have to say she was not snubbed. Although she puts in a solid performance I don’t think it was exceptional.

The other actors in this film don’t really stand out as much and maybe that’s why people have been pushing for Amy Adams to get a nomination. The cinematography is wonderful and the sound elements throughout are dazzling.

From a technical standpoint this movie was very well-made but it was just a little too slow paced for my liking. I understand that we as an audience need to understand all the steps and processes but it was just a little dragged out for me.

So without any spoilers, I just had so many questions throughout the movie and though some of them were answered, a lot of them I felt just ended up being plot holes or just being completely ignored. By the end of the movie I had a headache – a lot of if because of how tense and confused I was throughout but also because I don’t know what I would’ve done in the very end if I was Louise.

Half of me really enjoyed this movie but the other half hated this movie…

Verdict: 7.5/10