Nominated for 4 Oscars:

-Best Picture
-Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Jeff Bridges
-Best Original Screenplay
-Best Film Editing

Another Western film or at least Western stylized. The pacing can be slow at times but by the end of the film you kind of wish there was a little more.

At his age Jeff Bridges has become pretty underappreciated as an actor and although he seems to play a lot of similar characters he always seems to add a little something to change it up a bit. Speaking of playing similar characters, why is that Ben Foster always seems to play the hyperactive crazy guy?

The cinematography is great in capturing Texas as basically a wasteland. There is so much more to Texas then just the big cities. The cattle herders, the small local restaurants, diners and banks. All of it just captures that old school feeling in a modern world.

It’s not a brand new plot line, in fact I’d say it’s pretty overused but the development of the characters in such a short period of time just makes you want to continue seeing what will happen next.

It’s not your typical Western or Crime film with senseless guns a blazing. There are no special effects or CGI but with a smartly written script the few action scenes that do occur are more meaningful to the story and make it seem like something that could actually happen realistically.

Verdict: 8/10