Nominated for 3 Oscars:

-Best Picture
-Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Octavia Spencer
-Best Adapted Screenplay

This movie was very very enjoyable. The acting throughout was on point – whether it was the three main ladies – Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monae; the boss Kevin Costner or the snobbish traditionalists in Kirsten Dunst and Jim Parsons. And although a lot of people thought Henson might have deserved the Oscar nominee it’s still great to see one of the three get the recognition.

With all that being said I don’t see it winning any awards at the upcoming Oscars. In the end it’s a feel good story based on true events with wonderful acting and an engaging storyline but it lacks any real noticeable technical features. It doesn’t have a great soundtrack, no real cinematography and nothing to stand out as far as visual and sound effects.

So while I enjoyed every moment of this movie and I’d definitely watch it again, to me it doesn’t really garner any awards recognition. Whereas, Moonlight I could see why it’s been getting all the awards recognition but it’s not a movie I’d watch again.

Verdict: 8/10