These are the picks who I believe SHOULD win and while some are bound to be correct it’ll take a miracle for others to pull it off…

Cinematography – “La La Land”

Adapted Screenplay – “Moonlight”

Original Screenplay – “Manchester by the Sea”

Best Animated Feature – “Kubo and the Two Strings”. It would be great for Kubo to build off its BAFTA win but this looks like another typical win for Disney and “Zootopia”.

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Viola Davis, “Fences”. She’s already won a Tony for this role and she’s already been snubbed by the Academy in the past. This one is money in the bank.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Dev Patel, “Lion”. No matter how good Mahershala Ali was…he was in the movie for basically 30 minutes and I just can’t bring myself to pick him. If he does win I’m sure he’ll have another great speech. Go watch Lion though.

Best Actress in a Lead Role – Natalie Portman, “Jackie”. It baffles me that she’s not going to win this year. She was a perfect Jackie Kennedy…but off to the side you go Ms. Portman, Emma Stone and the “La La Land” train is coming through full force.

Best Actor in a Lead Role – Casey Affleck, “Manchester by the Sea”. This race is pretty much neck and neck between Affleck and Denzel Washington and I wouldn’t be surprised if Denzel won. But I enjoyed Manchester a lot more and I think it would be great to have Affleck give the press a big FU for shining all this negative light from an incident that happened 7 years ago…MOVE ON!

Best Director – Damien Chazelle, “La La Land”. Although last year Best Picture and Best Director didn’t go hand in hand I’d say it’s a safe bet for this year which means…

Best Picture – “La La Land”. City of Stars are you shining just for me? Yes they absolutely are.