Nominated for 6 Oscars:

-Best Picture
-Best Supporting Actor – Dev Patel
-Best Supporting Actress – Nicole Kidman
-Best Adapted Screenplay
-Best Cinematography
-Best Original Music Score

Dev Patel was robbed for Best Supporting Actor. I understand that “Moonlight” is the more powerful and groundbreaking movie but at an acting standpoint I think Dev Patel ran circles around Mahershala Ali especially considering that Ali was barely in his movie. Sunny Pawar was also amazing as well.

The story is simple enough but it really shows the trials and tribulations that many abandoned and lost children have to go through in India; and especially with it being based off a true story is even more amazing.

I wouldn’t consider this as one of Nicole Kidman’s best performances but it was solid enough to garner a nomination. The cinematography for both India and Australia are both off the charts and even though this movie got an Original Score nomination I can’t really think of any moments where the songs really stood out.

This movie for me at least made me really appreciate everything I have. The family I was born into, the circumstances I was born into, etc. but it also made me so sad to think that there are so many children out there that don’t stand a chance.

Verdict: 8/10