I was intrigued because the director was Richard Linklater (“Boyhood”). And although this movie is clearly different in basically every way, there are some instances where this movie could almost be a direct follow up.

The movie focuses on a college baseball team and particularly one player – Jake played by Blake Jenner. But it barely shows any baseball whatsoever, instead it focuses on the life of college boys or rather the first two days of college before classes even begin.

Set in 1980, clearly there is a disconnect with how people behave in college now versus back then but the basics are essentially true for a guy – male bonding and partying. The cast was quirky but I thought each character did a great job of portraying who they were in the limited time they were on screen. The soundtrack was also a plus since a lot of the songs played during that time are considered classics now.

Overall, this movie is a trip down memory lane. There is no huge conflict, or extreme twist. It’s a simple story with a simple script with enjoyable characters that just kind of makes you want to keep watching. I also really should watch “Dazed and Confused” lol.

Verdict: 6.7/10