I actually watched this movie twice. The second time after reading up on some Easter eggs and such was still just as emotional the first time.

The only Wolverine I ever knew on the big screen was Hugh Jackman and although James McAvoy has done a brilliant job as the more recent Professor X, Patrick Stewart will always be the first Charles Xavier. Both of these two actors put in incredible performances. From there first movie together “X-Men” from 2000 up until now, you see tremendous growth and development in these characters. Huge kudos to essentially the star of the show – Dafne Keen. Literally stole the show and did not seem fazed at all acting with two legends on set.

I can’t pretend that there aren’t multiple plot holes throughout and various questions on what exact timeline this movie progresses from but at least for those 2 hours plus watching the movie those questions didn’t even cross my mind and I could just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Not for the faint of heart; lots of bloody and gory violence. The way a Wolverine movie should’ve always been. And even though “superhero” movies somehow always get pigeonholed into the category of good but not good enough for awards. I really hope this movie generates some sort of awards buzz. I mean if “Suicide Squad” can win an Oscar anything is possible…

Hugh Jackman. Wolverine. Logan. Thank you for dedicating the past 17 years of your life to bring this character to life and be forever remembered in our hearts.

“So this is what it feels like…”

Verdict: 9.1/10