I might be one of the very few people that happened to watch “Everybody Wants Some!!” before “Dazed and Confused”, and I gotta say the similarities between the two movies are uncanny.

Instead of college kids in the 80’s, Dazed focuses on high schools kids in the 70’s. Mainly on two distinct types – the rising juniors into seniors and the incoming freshmen from junior high.

It’s pretty cool to see so many current A and B list actors feature in this movie before they were household names, especially considering that the two biggest stars now – Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey aren’t even the main characters.

This movie literally covers so many different archetypes that future coming of age movies have used throughout the years – the asshole bully, the jocks, the mean girls, the stoners, etc.

This may not be everybody’s type of movie but you have to appreciate the fact that this cast went on to do incredible things in there careers and the fact that this movie really set the bar for future coming of age/comedy movies. Also, a great soundtrack.

Verdict: 7.8/10