It’s pretty crazy that in essentially a week it will mark 4 years since the events of this movie transpired in real life. I still remember where I was when I turned the television on and could not believe what I was watching…

Now I know some people people might feel that it was too soon to make a movie about such events but nowadays literally everything gets made into a movie. And if a movie is going to be made about such horrific events it might as well be a good one. Mark Wahlberg is one of the most one-dimensional actors in the industry but in this instance that doesn’t hurt him one bit. Being from Boston I think Wahlberg tapped into the appropriate emotions he needed to portray his character of a Boston cop that was on security during the marathon.

I’m fairly certain that not every detail of this movie is 100% accurate and that some parts were obviously over-dramatized but seeing that the run time of this movie was over 2 hours I have to think that they tried to be accurate as possible without trying to rush through it. The two actors that played the the bombers gave chilling performances which I’m sure was difficult to portray.

The film shows Boston at its weakest and most vulnerable point but it also shows the beauty of the city and the efforts of every single person involved in stopping the two bombers from doing any more damage. It’s obviously a predictable film seeing that we know how the events transpired but it still leaves you gripping your seat and yelling, “oh my god” at the screen.

Verdict: 7.5/10